Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
5 - Blood Lines
"Harrod-Eagles unleashes an effective, dark-edged tale and serves up a truly nasty villain into the bargain. The fifth Inspector Bill Slider mystery revolves around the death of a promiscuous and pompous music critic who's found with his throat slit in the gents at a TV studio where he was about to appear on a talk show. Harrod-Eagles gracefully builds upon her habitually elegant procedural stylings to deliver taut psychological suspense." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
"Briskly sketched characters on both sides of the law, tossed together in situations that crackle with gentlemanly tension." KIRKUS REVIEWS
"There are plenty of suspects for old Bill Slider and his team, and a whole fishmonger's full of red herrings. Harrod-Eagles is a wonderfully assured, compelling plotter, and her hero is as appealing as ever." YORKSHIRE POST
"Each plot twist, including one devious turn that throws suspicion on a former member of Slider's murder squad, hangs on the testimony of complicated characters who are among the author's finest stock. Nobody is exactly what he or she seems: not the victim, not even Slider, who has reason to examine his own conscience." NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW
"Harrod-Eagles delivers snappy prose and a ripping tour through the British music world." MOSTLY MURDER

ISBN Hardback: 0-316-91420-7

ISBN Paperback: 0-7515-1774-7